The ubiquity of Social Media has greatly shaped the way companies market their products, and above all, it has shaped the way potential customers and consumers relate to the brand itself. The element of trust has been added to the marketing equation, and brands cannot ignore the power of social media marketing.

The profession of the Artist has also evolved; artists work more and more as entrepreneurs, and they need to be proactive in promoting the knowledge of their work and their artistic practices, in order to build a lasting career in the field.

This study’s objective was to assess which social media marketing techniques used by commercial brands can be taken in consideration by young artists while entering the professional field; and how to strategize an optimal brand-building course.

In order to reach conclusions, extensive visual research was undertaken; profiles and major social media campaigns brought on by established companies were analysed, as much as professional and non-professional artist’s profiles and campaigns. Moreover, my own activities as social media manager (2015-2017) and event organiser for TAMK’s new study path, Fine Art and as organiser and social media manager for TAMK’s International Week annual event organizer (2017) were taken into consideration in order to prove the effectiveness of the theoretical sources provided within the text.

Moreover, my own artistic project “Vague” magazine was analysed in terms of on-line branding, and a possible strategy in this sense was formulated.

By analysing all of the aforementioned elements, this study showcases the trends and patterns which can bring the artist towards a more integrated, more successful social media marketing plan. However, as the social-media environment is in a state of constant development, further studies and visual research is advised. Moreover, it is believable that this topic should be developed already during education; in this way young artists would start their branding strategy before officially entering the work environment.

Author: Lavinia Colzani
Place: Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu
Year: 2017
All rights reserved
Source: Theseus