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What’s On

25.5. – 15.6. 2023postponed!


Spartak Khachanov is exhibiting in the window of Globe Art Point between 25.5. and 15.6. 2023. We will display two photo collages from his new photo project Title.

The photo project Title echoes the stories from the past. Spartak uses photographs like film stills and frames them on top of each other. A black and white collage is called The Shroud of the 20th century and the second collage The Shroud of the 21st century. The work was done with data collected from Wikipedia on wars and conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries as well as the main political figures of these centuries. The artist found all of these photos on Google. With help of Photoshop, he made the photos transparent and layered them one on top of the other. Two photo banners measure 133 cm x 230 cm.

List of wars and military conflicts of the 20th-21st century used by the project:

Russian invasion of Ukraine (since 2022)‎
Azerbaijani-Armenian border crisis (2021-2023)
US-Iranian conflict (since 2019)
Battle of Khartoum (2023)
Blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh (since 2022)
Russian invasion of Ukraine (since 2022)
Turkish invasion of Iraq (2022)
Myanmar Civil War
Incident with an American drone over the Black Sea
Conflict in South Kordofan (since 2011)
Attack on Karachi Police Department (2023)
Sukhna attack (2023)
Operation Sword Claw
Protests in Brazil (2023)
Protests in Iran (since 2022)
Protests in Moldova (since 2022)
Serbo-Kosovo Crisis (2022)
Clashes in Sudan (2023)Tigray War‎
Second Karabakh War‎
Libyan Civil War‎
Syrian Civil War‎
Pages in category “2020 conflicts”
US-Iranian conflict (since 2019)
Armenian-Azerbaijani armed clashes (July 2020)
Fighting in Eastern Tripolitania
The Taking of Sirte (2020)
Military coup in Mali (2020)
Second Karabakh War
Invasion of Venezuela
Civil war in the Central African Republic (since 2012)
Civil War in South Sudan
Indo-Chinese border conflict (2020)
Turkish intervention in Libya
Conflict in South Kordofan (since 2011)
Eagle paw
Riots in the Korday region
Operation Spring Shield
Operation Martyr Soleimani
Protests in Algeria (2019)
Terrorist attacks in Aden
Ethiopian-Sudanese border conflict (since 2020)
Australian frontier wars
Agasher war
Algerian-Moroccan border conflict
American occupation of Nicaragua
Anglo-Egyptian campaign in Darfur
Anti-Fengtian War
Anti-Hetman uprising of 1918 in Ukraine
Anti-communist partisan movement in Estonia (1940-1953)
Anti-Japanese resistance in Korea (1905-1910)
Armenian-Azerbaijani war (1918-1920)
Armenian-Georgian War
Armenian-Turkish War (1920)
Civil war in Afghanistan (1989-1992)
Acehnese conflict
Bafut Wars
Fighting on the Czechoslovak border (1938–1939)
Fight for Macedonia
Internal armed conflict in the Philippines
War of al-Wadiah
War in Dhofar
War in Western Sahara
War in Defense of the Republic
War in Malaya
War in the Ogaden
War in Croatia
War in Southern Rhodesia
Jebel Akhdar War
War for Vlora
Indonesian War of Independence
Namibian War of Independence
Eritrean War of Independence
War for the Ogaden (1977-1978)
War of Ifni
War between England and the Aro Confederation
Central Plains War
Rebellion in Brunei
Second Liberian Civil War
Second Italo-Ethiopian War
Second Melil campaign (1909)
US invasion of Grenada
Second Taiwan Strait Crisis
German-Turkish intervention in Transcaucasia
Dutch invasion of Bali (1906)
Dutch invasion of Bali (1908)
Burmese Civil War
Civil War in Burundi
Civil War in Guinea-Bissau
Civil War in Djibouti
Yemeni Civil War (1994)
Civil War in Mozambique
Civil war in the national regions of Burma
Civil war in the PDRY
Civil War in Nepal
Civil War in Nigeria
World War II‎
World War I‎
Civil War in Austria‎
Boer Wars‎
Afghan War (1979-1989)‎
Balkan Wars‎
Vietnam War‎
Algerian War of Independence‎
Bangladesh War of Independence‎
Armed conflict in Transnistria‎
Second Sudanese Civil War‎
Second Greco-Turkish War‎
Second Congo War‎
Dutch Colonial Wars‎
Civil War in Algeria‎
Civil War in Angola‎
Civil War in Cambodia‎
Civil War in Somalia‎
Civil War in Tajikistan‎
Greek Civil War‎
Indo-Pakistani Conflict‎
Indochinese Wars‎
Iran-Iraq War‎
Spanish Civil War‎
Karabakh War‎
Chinese Civil War‎
Sino-Indian Conflicts‎
Congo Wars‎
Congo Crisis‎
Conflict on the Chinese Eastern Railway‎
Korean War‎
Kosovo War‎
Lebanese Civil War‎
Libyan Chadian Conflict‎
First Indochina War‎
Gulf War‎
Polish-Ukrainian War‎
Portugal’s Colonial War‎
Russian Civil War‎
Russo-Persian Wars of the 20th Century‎
Russo-Japanese War‎
Sino-Soviet Conflicts‎
Soviet-Polish War‎
Soviet-Finnish Wars‎
Soviet-Japanese Conflicts‎
Turkish War of Independence‎
Members of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War‎
Franco-Syrian War‎
Czechoslovak Wars‎
Second Chechen War‎
First Chechen War‎
War for independence
Yugoslav War (1991-2001)‎
South Ossetian War (1991-1992)‎
Insurgency in Lithuania
Insurgency in Western Ukraine
Border war between Kuwait and Nejd
Polish–Lithuanian War
Polish-Ukrainian War
Polish-Czechoslovak War
War in the Radfan Mountains
Revolution and Civil War in Dagestan (March 1917 – May 1919)
Revolution and Civil War in Ukraine
Reef War
Russian Civil War
Romanian intervention in Hungary
Saudi-Yemeni War
September uprising in Iraqi Kurdistan
Slovak-Hungarian War
Skirmishes on the Bulgarian-Greek border
Suez Crisis
Thai-Lao Border War
Operation Tarnegol
Third Anglo-Afghan War
Third Elam War
335 Years’ War
Tuareg uprising (1916-1917)
Tuareg uprising (1962-1964)
Turkish-Kurdish conflict
Turkish invasion of Cyprus
Ugandan-Tanzanian War
Philippine–American War
Fiume conflict
French conquest of Vadai
football war
Hanish conflict
Jiangsu-Zhejiang War
Chadian-Libyan conflict
Second Zhili–Fengtian War
six day war
Pershing Expedition
Ethiopian-Somali Border War (1982)
Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict
Japanese intervention in Manchuria (1931)
Japanese conquest of Taiwan
Civil War in the Republic of the Congo
Ethiopian Civil War
Civil war and military intervention in Belarus (1918-1920)
Civil War in Sri Lanka
Civil wars in Eritrea
Second Greco-Turkish War
Guangdong-Guangxi War
Battle in the Dalmatian Straits
Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Egyptian-Israeli War of Attrition
Egyptian–Libyan War
French conquest of Chad
Zayan War
Capture of Morocco by France
Indian annexation of Goa (1961)
Indonesian-Malaysian confrontation
Intifada Shaabania
Iran–Iraq War
Irish War of Independence
Italo-Turkish War
Italian invasion of Albania
Yemeni War (1972)
Yemeni War (1979)
Conflict in South Lebanon (1985–2000)
1979 Kurdish uprising in Iran
Lithuanian War of Independence
Madagascar uprising
Small Air War in China
Mexican expedition (1916)
Military campaigns of Menelik II
National Liberation War in Libya (1923-1932)
Dutch military expedition to New Guinea (1907-1915)
Occupation of Haiti by the United States of America
US occupation of the Dominican Republic (1965-1966)
Operation Boleas
Operation Cactus
Operation Manatee
Operation Manta
First Liberian Civil War
First Chadian Civil War
First Chechen War
First Taiwan Strait Crisis
Insurgency in Latvia

Spartak Khachanov is a multimedia artist from Ukraine who produces visually, politically and emotionally charged works in a variety of materials and genres. In his creative practice, Khachanov is interested in issues of political instability, war, emigration and nationalism, works in various media, including sculpture, installation, painting, graphics, photography, video, animation and sound.

Contact Information
YouTube: @spartakkhachanov1478
FB: @SpartakKhachanov
IG: @spartak_khachanov

GAP WINDOW is a window exhibition project initiated by Globe Art Point in 2021. The concept was created for the members of GAP Creatives Database with an aim to provide a unique opportunity to exhibit and/or experiment with their own artistic work and ideas. The project does not follow any specific theme and it can be done in various forms, from painting directly on the windows through displaying poetry, paintings, photographs, illustrations to streaming media and digital art.