What’s On

What’s On

25.4. – 16.5. 2024


The surreal imagery of Vector Meditation emerges in a form of 2.5D window installation. The multilayered installation is created with window decals and repurposed acrylic mirror.

Vector Meditation explores the organic aspects of technological creation and how this can be expressed visually. Starting with drawings of surreal visualisations, I allow them to evolve into improvised doodles that simulate my waking daydreaming. This intuitive process of digitalisation (of mixing and matching different forms, textures and surfaces in a fluid and unhampered creative process) creates space for multi-meanings for the beholder; like the whimsical interpretations of our mundane daily concerns. With this, I wish to make evident a clash of opposites which rule our universe: that of entropy and harmony, order and disorder, calm and chaos, through a process of improvisation.

The series has been inspired by a myriad of influences from various indigenous cultures and first nations symbologies, storytelling and myths. My imagery goes against the current interpretations of the ‘westernised’ worldview centred on a single unified rational discourse. On the contrary, it tries to open the doors of psychedelic aesthetics, to describe and envision the multilayered connections to the spiritual within the complex network of reality. 

“These artworks are the results of my personal free and multilayered associations. They are an invitation to better understand and decipher the shared human experience of seeing and daydreaming. This process initiates a prompt for more relaxed emotional, physical and cognitive experiences.”


Veera Vartiainen (VV-Machine) is a digital designer and an artist, who has been travelling and working around the world for the past decade. Having had the opportunity to connect with a variety of people and cultures has made her interested in stereotypes: appreciating stereotypes and making a mockery of them. Especially, she tries to see and portray what is hidden behind the blatantly visible surface. VV-Machine mainly works with digital arts and wants to bring back the friendly internet of the 90’s, loves twisting vectors and mixing and matching between analog and digital. At times, however, she gets carried away with repurposing different objects, items and concepts she comes across in life.