Creatives Database

Creatives Database



Back in the day, Globe Art Point’s online database of creatives was called Artists’ Database. In its early stages (2018-2020), it consisted of 18 profiles from which some were missing images or content. The database was fairly hard to join as it was not accepting professionals who did not have a specific art education or whose profession was other than “artists” meaning cultural workers, educators or researchers did not have a chance to enter.

Based on the needs of our community, the G.A.P Board (2021-2023) decided to implement the following changes to the database:
1. Artists’ Database was renamed to GAP Creatives Database.
2. Special benefits were created for members of the database.
3. The requirements for joining the database changed as having a degree in art does not make anyone a professional. Instead, the focus shifted to people’s experience, passion and drive for building their careers in Finland.
4. Cultural producers, workers, educators, researchers or entrepreneurs who were previously excluded were encouraged to join the online database.
5. The previously rejected applicants who were disqualified due to their “lack of expertise” or “inadequate education” were invited to join in.
6. The submission periods for our database increased from 2x per year to 4x per year.
7. A private GAP CREATIVES DATABASE Facebook group was created for members of the database to communicate and share their knowledge.
8. Exclusive networking events were introduced for members of the database (4x per year).
9. Exclusive projects were produced for members of our database such as GAP WINDOW.
10. Certain open calls were only sent to members of GAP Creatives Database like for example; Open Call for performers at GAP ART SUMMIT, Open Call for participants for Democracy Defence Dialogue etc.
11. When searching for facilitators of our events, performers or speakers, we started selecting only professionals from our Creatives Database.
12. When being contacted by external agencies to propose artists and creators with specific skills, we started selecting only professionals from our Creatives Database.
13. Globe Art Point started actively sharing news, updates and activities of members of the database on social media and in its monthly newsletter.
Today, our database houses 149 profiles of creatives from various fields! Would you like to join our Creatives Database? Please submit the form below if you’re a professional artist, cultural producer, educator, writer or other professional in the field of art and culture with a diverse background working and residing in Finland.

On how to apply click HERE.