How to apply for Globe Art Point’s membership?

A legal entity (association, cooperative, company) that accepts the purpose of the association can be accepted as a member of the association. 
A private person or legal entity that wishes to support the purpose and activities of the association can be accepted as a supporting member. The members of the Association will be approved by the Board upon application.
Before applying please familiarise yourself on Globe Art Point’s mission here.

Please send your informal email application to G.A.P’s Chairperson Ruby Gupte ( and please cc. our Managing director Jaana Simula ( In the email, please answer the questions below (max 1 page) and attach the CV of your key person / yourself.
  1. Please describe your activities in the art field.
  2. What is the reason your community / you would like to be GAP´s member?
  3. What are your expectations and possible contributions for Globe Art Point?
  4. What is the number of your members?