About G.A.P.

We are an independent information centre and meeting point situated in Helsinki centre (Kamppi) aimed to promote equality and accessibility inside the Finnish art and culture sector. It is maintained by Globe Art Point association.


1. Collects and distributes 

    • Labour and field related information: Helpful especially, but not exclusively, for foreign born artists and culture workers in Finland. Information provided on issues such as art & culture organisations and institutes,  current and future projects, funding, labour legislation and the tax system in Finland.
    • Data (artists’ database, surveys) on foreign born artists resident in Finland and their situations.
    • Surveys and research on cultural diversity, Good practices, immigration and situation of the art field.

2. Supports artists & culture workers  by

    • Advisory work, Help Desk action, workshops
    • Networking, discussions, events and seminars
    • Developing bridges between artists/culture workers and art & cultural institutes (G.A.P Lab – G.A.P. Info)
    • Normalising programs with a high value of diversity and artistic quality
    • Offering a space where to create community and develop network and projects

3. Acts as an advocate and representative of non-Finnish born artists residing in Finland

      • In cultural-political decision making and development processes
      • In Nordic-Baltic and global networks

Globe Art Point was supported :

  • in 2017 by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture and Helsinki City Cultural Office.
  • in 2018 by Helsinki city, Ministry of Education and Culture and Finnish Cultural Foundation.