About us

We are an independent centre situated in Helsinki centre (Kamppi) aimed to promote equality and accessibility inside the Finnish art and culture sector.



1. Collects and distributes 

  • Labor and field related information: Helpful especially but not exclusively to non-Finnish born artists and culture workers residing in Finland. Such as art & culture organisations/institutes,  projects, funding, labour legislation and tax system.
  • Data (artists’ database, surveys) about non-Finnish born artists resident in Finland and their situation.
  • Surveys and research on cultural diversity, Good practices,  immigration and situation ofd the art field.

2. Supports artists & culture workers  by

  • Advisory work, Help Desk action, workshops,
  • Networking, discussion events and seminars
  • Developing bridges between artists/culture workers and art and culture institutes
  • Normalising programs with a high value of diversity and artistic quality
  • Offering a space where to create community and develop network and projects

3. Acts as an advocate and representative of non-Finnish born artists

  • in cultural-political decision making and development processes
  • in Nordic-Baltic and global networks



The Globe Art Point is established and managed by Globe Art Point ry and was supported :

  • in 2017 by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture and Helsinki City Cultural Office.
  • in 2018 by Helsinki city, Ministry of Education and Culture and Finnish Cultural Foundation.