Welcome to G.A.P’s networking meeting organised exclusively for members of our Creatives Database!

The answers to our questions about how we can best support you comes back, almost every time, very loudly and clearly – Build a community! This is what you want and what we want to provide for you. So we started with developing and growing our Creatives Database – Yap, that’s happening!! … We know this because you have joined it!!! Then we began developing programming with your specific needs in mind – Yap, that’s going too!! You check out our channels for this. Now what??

Connections happening digitally can create some space for collaborations, for relationships to form. But to come together in person cannot be overshadowed in its importance, when it comes to forming bonds and creating lasting relations. These relations form collaborations and with that new projects, new support networks, new perspectives. So, we ask what next??

Well, let’s meet in person and find this very essential community with a day having fun together. Getting to know one another through game playing.

What we want to know from you is, which option you think will be the most fun for our get-together. Below you will find some ideas: Please let us know what your preference is through the form. All options given are free to enter. Here are our ideas…

Here is a link to our poll:

Come and join this year’s first networking event for members of our Creatives Database and meet like minded people, talk about something unforeseen and start new initiatives!

Feel free to bring food/snacks to share and let’s have fun together. And please do share your dietary needs with us so that we can share food together.

WHEN: 19th June, 14:00 – 16:00
WHERE: Helsinki Winter Garden / Helsingin talvipuutarha (Hammarskjöldintie 1 A, 00250 Helsinki)
WHOM: Exclusive to members of GAP Creatives Database

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