Globe Art Point is an independent information centre and meeting point for foreign-born artists and cultural workers. We advocate for equality and accessibility within the Finnish art and cultural sector. G.A.P is situated in the center of Helsinki, in Finland.


1. Collects and distributes 

    • Labour and field related information: Helpful especially, but not exclusively, for foreign born artists and cultural workers in Finland. Information provided on issues such as art & culture organisations and institutes,  current and future projects, funding, labour legislation, and the tax system in Finland.
    • Data (artists’ database, surveys) on foreign-born artists resident in Finland and their situations.
    • Surveys and research on cultural diversity, immigration and current situations in the field of arts and culture in Finland.

2. Supports artists & cultural workers 

    • Advisory work, workshops, support groups.
    • Networking, discussions, events and seminars.
    • Developing bridges between artists/cultural workers and art & cultural institutes (G.A.P Lab – G.A.P. Info).
    • Normalising programmes with a high value of diversity and artistic quality.
    • Offering a space where to create community and develop network and projects.

3. Acts as an advocate and representative of foreign-born artists residing in Finland

      • In cultural-political decision making and development processes.
      • In Nordic-Baltic and other global networks.


We welcome and support people of all backgrounds and identities. This includes, but is not limited to members of any sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, social and economic class, educational level, colour, immigration status, age, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability.

Every person using the G.A.P facilities must be treated equally and respectfully. Discrimination and any other kind of harassment is strictly forbidden. G.A.P condemns the use of discriminatory, subordinating, repressive or offensive terminology in all language used in the premises, and in any other connection to the association.

When using G.A.P’s facilities you commit to respect our values. The staff, association members, and facilitators of events at G.A.P are responsible for securing that every participant and guest is aware of our values and treat others with dignity and respect.

In case of a conflict situation, the organiser of the event is advised to intervene. If you witness or experience any harassment at G.A.P, please inform the staff or event facilitator immediately.

What is discrimination?

A simple definition of discrimination is that a person is treated unfavourably, or someone’s character is defamed in a way that is connected to at least one of the following grounds:

  • gender
  • transgender identity or non-normative gender expression
  • cultural or ethnic background
  • religion or other conviction
  • functional ability
  • sexual orientation
  • age
  • nationality
  • origin
  • language
  • appearance

Discrimination can be direct or indirect. Inadequate accessibility, harassment (sexual or otherwise) and instigation of discriminatory practices are also types of discrimination.

What is harassment/sexual harassment?

Everyone has the right to not be sexually harassed while they’re working, regardless of whether the harasser is a facilitator, employer, colleague, guest or another content producer. Harassment is an action that offends a person’s honour and is tied to one or more of the grounds of discrimination mentioned above.

Harassment can be holding someone up to ridicule, or demeaning generalisations that are connected to grounds of discrimination. Harassment can also by nature be sexual. In addition to comments and words, this can include unwanted touching, meaningful glances, groping, jokes, suggestions and sexual images. It can include sexually-toned language. It can also include unwanted compliments, invitations or innuendos. Sexual harassment differs from normal flirting in that the former is unwanted. The target of harassment determines whether or not the behaviour is offensive and defamatory.


Globe Art Point is supported by:

  • in 2017 by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture and Helsinki City Cultural Office.
  • in 2018 by Helsinki city, Ministry of Education and Culture and Finnish Cultural Foundation.
  • in 2019 by Helsinki city, Ministry of Education and Culture and Finnish Cultural Foundation.
  • In 2020 by Helsinki city and Finnish Cultural Foundation.