Meet Our New Managing Director!

Meet Our New Managing Director!

Meet Our New Managing Director!


“Working for Globe Art Point will be like coming home to me, after a versatile career that has always dealt with interculturality and later, with arts and culture.”

Saying goodbyes is always a bittersweet feeling, however, this time it comes with a happy ending. Our current Managing Director Jaana Simula is retiring this autumn after her 42 years of service to the arts and culture field in Finland. That being said, we are pleased to announce that Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Globe Art Point, chosen from a competitive pool of applicants.

Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen describes her new role at Globe Art Point as a homecoming, reflecting her extensive career dedicated to interculturality and the arts. After successfully leading a Finnish cultural and academic institute abroad for four years, Sarri is committed to continuing her journey in the arts and culture sector.

During her tenure in Madrid, Sarri immersed herself in the cultural landscapes of Spain, Portugal, and eight Latin American countries, collaborating with grassroots and high-level arts institutions. She built strong connections with Finnish arts promotion centres, foundations, ministries, and artists, including those from the Swedish-speaking community. To further enhance her leadership skills in the cultural field, she completed the MBA-level Business of Culture training for Nordic and Baltic cultural leaders at Aalto Executive Education in 2021.

Sarri found a wealth of familiar names and events in the G.A.P. annual report and action plan, including her most recent employer, the University of the Arts Helsinki. In her previous role, she managed two university foundations, focusing on stakeholder relations and fundraising, which significantly expanded her already extensive network.

Her academic background is deeply rooted in diversity and inclusion. Sarri holds a doctoral degree in Latin American Studies, with her thesis on indigenous women’s rights in Mexico. Her latest research before leaving academia explored Finnish language acquisition among Latin American adults in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. Additionally, she has coordinated the Master’s Programme in Intercultural Encounters at the University of Helsinki and held various administrative positions within the Department of World Cultures, including managing the office.

We are excited to welcome Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen to Globe Art Point and look forward to her leadership in advancing our mission. Sarri’s role starts officially in September. For more information about Sarri and her professional background you can check Sarri’s LinkedIn profile at

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