Ceyda Berk-Söderblom

Chairperson of G.A.P., Cultural manager, curator

Ceyda Berk-Söderblom is an independent cultural manager, producer and curator with more than 17 years of experience, mostly working as the programmer of international festivals with close ties to the world-known institutions, orchestras, artists, and ensembles. She co-founded MiklagardArts, an innovative platform, a facilitator and connector for promoting trans-national collaborations between Finland and the dynamic art scenes in South East, Middle East and the Far East.

Daniel Malpica

Writer, graphic designer, producer, publisher

Daniel (1988, Mexico City) is a Helsinki based writer, graphic designer and producer. He is author of the poetry books 'Paréntesis' (2007), 'Marduk: Senectus Signum' (2009) and 'Ex-Aether' (2012). Since 2006, he has been invited to several international festivals of literature an multidisciplinary art. As a multimedia artist, Daniel has directed and designed more than a dozen of experimental lit events on a European and Mexican scale for places such as Kiasma Museum, Helsinki Book Fair, Lettrétage Lit House Berlin, Nordisk Sprogfest, Vuotalo, Casa del Lago UNAM and more. He is current's vice chair of Globe Art Point and a member of the Finnish PEN.

Diego Ginartes

Artistic director & film programmer

Diego Ginartes (Spain, 1983) is based in Helsinki. He works as artistic director & film programmer. He holds a MA in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies, University of Pompeu Fabra and Visual Arts from University of São Paulo. Since 2016 he has been the director of Cinemaissí, Latin American film festival in Finland. He founded New cinema/New talents, a platform to encourage emerging filmmakers with risky and unconventional cinematographic proposals. As a film programmer, among other projects, he curates the screening series Other/Cinema, produced by the research group Critical Cinema Lab from Aalto University and is part of short movies programming team of Tribeca Film Festival.

Kalle Sandqvist

Reserve member of G.A.P., cultural producer

Kalle Sandqvist is a long-term experienced producer in all kinds of stage performance and other cultural events. In case you have, or you are planning an artistic service or visual art of your own to provide to your customer, contact Kalle. He is the manager of Osuuskunta SummArt Coop, and willing to help you fulfil your wishes and invoice your clients.

Sepideh Rahaa

Vice-chairperson of G.A.P., visual artist, researcher

Sepideh Rahaa (1981, Iran) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki. In her practice, she is focused on womanhood and resistance, migration and representation. In her doctoral research at Aalto University she investigates the concept of identity and its transformation with a critical and analytic view on representation, how female bodies become politicized in society and in contemporary art. In her artistic research, she aims to initiate methods within contemporary art to bridge from individual perception to the social perception by creating spaces for dialogue. Her works have been exhibited in Asia, the Middle East and in Europe. Rahaa holds an MA in art and research from Shahed University in Tehran and MA in Fine Arts and contemporary art, Aalto University.