Finnish Music Foundation (MES) promotes and supports Finnish music in its diverse forms. Finnish music pertains to productions of such performing artists, composers, lyricists and/or arrangers who are Finnish citizens or reside permanently in Finland. Established in 2012 MES implements its purpose by distributing grants and financial assistance, as well as otherwise promoting and financially supporting live music events, phonogram production, music marketing and export, publishing, education, research and development activities associated with Finnish music. The scope of the promotion activities covers all genres of music and is focused on professional music making.

Finnish Music Makers (Suomen Musiikintekijät ry. Former Säveltäjät ja Sanoittajat Elvis ry) promotes the economical and professional interests, social appreciation and community of the Finnish professional composers, lyricists and music arrangers. Established in 1954 and with approximately 1000 members association administrates the Music Makers Foundation which gives stipends to music makers.

Finnish Music Publishers Association, founded in 1976, is an umbrella organization representing the interests of Finnish music publishers. With 38 publisher members it is a member of both Teosto, the Finnish Composers Copyright Bureau, and Kopiosto, joint copyright organization for authors and publishers.

Finnish Musician-Entrepreneurs (Suomen Muusikkoyrittäjät ry), established in 2013, acts as a trustee for musicians practicing as entrepreneurs. Association monitors the general and common interests of musician-entrepreneurs, promoters collaboration between members and sector´s appreciation, improves sectors general operating conditions as well as enhances relationships with authorities  and decision-makers.

Finnish Musicians’ Union (founded in 1917) is a trade organization for professional musicians with 3 400 members in 23 local branches. The Union is a member of The Central Organization of The International Federation of Musicians (FIM), The Nordic Musician Union (NMU) and The Finnish Trade Unions (SAK). Orchestra musicians, soloists and conductors represent approximately one third of the Union membership. The remaining two thirds consists of restaurant, entertainment, jazz and rock musicians. The ballet dancers of the Finnish National Opera are also organized in the Union. Union affects legislation in various fields relevant to musicians and their work, such as copyright. Individual members are given counsel and assisted free-of-charge for example in contract, tax, copyright and pension matters.

Finnish Program Offices and Agents (Suomen ohjelmatoimistot ja agentit ry SOA) is the interest group of the Finnish program offices and agents with almost 60 member companies from different parts of Finland.

Folk music and Folk dance Promotion Center (Kansanmusiikin ja Kansantanssin Edistämiskeskus KEK) is the umbrella organization of the Finnish folk music and folk dance professionals and amateurs.

IFPI Finland (The Finnish National Group of IFPI – Finnish Musiikkituottajat) is the national trade association representing 18 record companies in Finland. The members range from major international record companies (Sony, Universal and Warner) to small independent record producers.  

IndieCO ry is an association of the independent Finnish record and production companies developing the working conditions of members and supporting the diversity of  the Finnish music production sector.

Music Finland serves the Finnish music industry, spanning across all genres and sectors helping its clients to establish connections, present their music and grow their audiences and businesses in the international market. Music Finland´s provides consultation, networking, funding, capacity building and several tailor-made solutions to boost international success.

Society of Finnish Composers members are composers in the field of concert music, or classical music. The society provides a community for its members, safeguards and promotes the artistic, professional and financial interests of composers, and contributes to the creative musical arts in Finland.

Global Music Centre The Global Music Centre is one of Finland’s musical institutions. Its key task is to collect, record and distribute information about musical cultures from around the world.

Hanaholmen the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre works to develop co-operation between the countries in all areas of society.Hanaholmen plans and arranges various types of events, courses, seminars and projects as well as investigates various social development needs.



Teosto was founded in 1928 by composers and music publishers, to administer and protect their rights.  It represents more than 30,000 Finnish and almost three million foreign composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers. Teosto collects and distributes royalties to the customer music authors for the public performance and mechanical reproduction of their music in Finland.

Gramex is a copyright society which promotes and administers the rights, prescribed in the Copyright Act, of performing artists whose performances have been recorded on phonograms and of producers of phonograms. Gramex collects remunerations for the use of phonograms and distributes the collected remunerations to those entitled to them.



Conservatives organize basic vocational training of music. The undergraduate degree provides basic vocational skills and general university qualifications. List of Finnish conservatoires.

The Universities of Applied Sciences have the task to provide higher education based on the requirements of working life as well as education for the professional expert tasks. List of Universities of Applied Sciences with music education.

Sibelius Academy, an academy of the Arts University is the only university-level music institution in Finland. The academy trains artists, teachers and other music professionals who are skilled in independent and diverse artistic work.

Other options for music studies in universities

Facts on the Finnish education system (Finnish National Agency for Education OPH)

Facts on higher education on studies (Ministry of Education and Culture)

GLOMAS,Global Master Degree



NB! Current grants to be applied are listed by the Aurora database

Finnish Music Foundation

Arts Promotion Center

Music Finland

Finnish Cultural Foundation

Georg Malmstén Foundation

Goethe Institut

Kansan Sivistysrahasto

Kone Foundation

Samuel Huber Foundation

Alfred Kordelin Foundation                                                                                                 

Greta ja William Lehtinen Foundation

Ministry of Education and Culture                                                                                         

Wihurin Raahasto

Paulon Säätiö

Musiikintekijöiden rahasto

Ministry of Education and Culture

Sibelius Fund of the Society of finnish composers



Niilo Helander ( in finnish)




Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras


Folk music events and festivals


Jazz music network / organizers: Jazz Finland ry


Event and gig organizers: Finnish Network of Elävän Musiikin Keskukset (Centers for Living Music)

Union of Finnish Rock Clubs



The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution, Mela handles the statutory earnings-related pension and occupational accident insurance of Finnish farmers, and of those receiving a grant or a scholarship from Finland. Recipients of scientific or artistic grants and scholarships became Mela’s customers as of the beginning of 2009.

Finland Festivals, network of Finnish festivals

Suomen Kulttuuritalot ry is an association of Finnish cultural centres and concert halls. with 29 members from different parts of Finland.

Music Finland: Finnish music database for Finnish music companies,containing everything from venues to labels and festivals and beyond.



Uus Festival

Meidän Festivaali

Classical music

Multiarts music

Opera and Choral music

Contemporary music

Jazz and Blues music

Pop and Rock music

Folk music

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