GAP LAB is a program enhancing artistic collaboration between Finnish and non-Finnish-born artists as well as with Finnish art and culture institutions.

In the first phase, the Finnish and non-Finnish-born curators, as well as art & culture partner institutions, will be selected via Open Call. With another Open Call, artistic proposals of all art forms will be collected to be selected/shortlisted for production by curators and partner institutions.

The next step is the creation/rehearsal period followed by presentations /exhibitions in the programs of partner institutions. The curator group and artist´s working groups will consist of both Finnish and non-Finnish-born professionals. The projects selected will have a high artistic profile.
During the process, Globe Art Point will support projects with e.g. production advice and networking. In addition, the relationship between artists, institutions and diverse audience communities will be supported by meetings, discussions and workshops.
In 2018 GAP LAB project was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Helsinki´s Cultural Services and the Finnish Culture Foundation (Suomen Kulttuurirahasto). In 2020 GAP LAB received funding from Svenska Kulturfonden. In 2021 GAP LAB received 100 000 for the years 2021-2022 from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. 


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