GAP WINDOW is a window exhibition project initiated by Globe Art Point in 2021. The concept was created for the members of GAP Creatives Database with an aim to provide a unique opportunity to exhibit and/or experiment with their own artistic work and ideas. The project does not follow any specific theme and it can be done in various forms, from painting directly on the windows through displaying poetry, paintings, photographs, illustrations to streaming media and digital art. 

The duration of each exhibition is one (1) month where artists will be given three (3) weeks to display and one (1) week to install/take down their work. See the exhibitions’ timetables below. 

The next phase of the project will last ten (10) months from September 2023 until June 2024 which means that, we will provide ten (10) artists/creatives from our database with an opportunity to showcase their work in the windows of our office in Kamppi. The exhibition window is 2x 230×133 cm. 

There is no charge for exhibiting but there is also no financial aid for the selected artists. In collaboration with each exhibiting artist, Globe Art Point will co-curate the exhibitions and provide support during the installation and deinstallation of the displayed work. Furthermore, G.A.P will also promote the exhibition through its social media channels. 

Your exhibition proposal must include

  • The preferred period for the exhibition
  • Title of the exhibition
  • A short description of the project or a press release 
  • A minimum of 5 images of your work (it is not always possible to photograph the art hanging in the window due to the poor light or reflection)
  • Description of the art: titles, medium, size, year of production, price if applicable
  • A list of material needed for hanging  

Selection process 

This call is open for the members of GAP Creatives Database only. The proposals for the exhibitions will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. The selected artists are responsible for obtaining insurance for their work during the exhibition. Please, send your proposals to info(at) The call will remain open up until all ten (10) exhibition slots are filled. Artists who have previously exhibited at G.A.P will not be selected again.

NB. The windows at the office are very reflective. Dark artworks might not be visible from the street. Artists sending the exhibition proposals are encouraged to visit Globe Art Point’s premises to test visibility of their work before submitting their proposals.

GAP Window Exhibition Guidelines

  • The work proposed for the exhibition must fit within the frame of the window. Installations, multimedia work and other media that cannot fit in the window will not be accepted. Digital art is possible, we have a couple of spare tv screens in the office, however, the sound must be available online for people to listen on their own devices. The screens will only be active Mon-Fri 9-16:00. 
  • Artists are responsible for installation of their window exhibition (support is provided). Glass frames are not allowed. Please remember, window hanging is not the same as wall hanging. We are unable to drill in the wall to hang heavy work so please keep that in mind. When considering what pieces to select for the window display, we recommend people to select several medium sized works that are not too heavy or way too light. The brighter the colours the better. 
  • Exhibition openings are possible, but they are the sole responsibility of the artists.

14.9.- 5.10. 2023
Installation 12 & 13.9.
Deinstallation 6.10. 

12.10. – 2.11. 2023
Installation 10 & 11.10.
Deinstallation 3.11. 

9.11. – 30.11 2023
Installation 7 & 8.11.
Deinstallation 1.12. 

7.12. – 28.12. 2023
Installation 5 & 6.12.
Deinstallation 3.1. 

4.1. – 25.1. 2024
Installation 2 & 3.1.
Deinstallation 26.1.

1.2. – 22.2. 2024
Installation 30 & 31.1.
Deinstallation 23.2. 

29.2. – 21.3. 2024
Installation 27 & 28.2.
Deinstallation 22.3. 

28.3. – 18.4. 2024
Installation 26 & 27.4.
Deinstallation 19.4. 

25.4. – 16.5. 2024
Installation 23 & 24.4.
Deinstallation 17.5. 

23.5.- 13.6. 2024
Installation 21 & 22.5.
Deinstallation 14.6.  

For more information, please contact alex.kollerova(at)

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