Sign up for G.A.P Artists’ Database

Would you like to be in our database? Please submit the form below if you’re a professional artist, cultural producer, educator or other professional in the field of art and culture with a foreign background working and residing in Finland.


What are the requirements for joining our database?

  • please provide the proof that you have been producing art, culture or teaching on a professional level by sending us either one of the following
    resume and/or a portfolio of your work
  • additional supporting material
    professional website, social media channels and/or any online platform where you sell/promote or showcase your work
  • having a higher education degree in your field is a plus but not a must
  • individuals applying for our database must be residing in Finland

Becoming a member will bring you the following benefits

⇒ Visibility

Members of our database and their work will be promoted on our social media channels. We also distribute the list of the artists to ministries and our member associations. Members of our database get also priority when searching for facilitators and creators for our projects.

Globe Art Point is here to help you disseminate information about your activities, creative productions, news and open calls. Your projects do not have to be organised in collaboration with our association, all we ask is that you provide us with promotional material (text, image, web link). Please remember our office language is English, however, any other additional languages are welcomed. 

⇒ Community

Exclusive networking events for members of our database will be organised twice a year.

⇒ Information

Members of our database will be informed directly (G.A.P Database Info Mail) about our upcoming events and happenings as soon as they get released publicly. This means that our members can learn about our news without having to browse the internet.

⇒ New possibilities

In cooperation with us, the members of our database can organise and host their events in our premises, free of charge (conditions apply).

Globe Art Point is open to any project proposals for events and activities that could be organised in collaboration with our members. Please note that your proposals must support our mission.

⇒ Safe space environment

The members of our database can reserve our facilities, free of charge, for private meetings, study sessions or whenever in a need of space (booking in advance is a must).


Applying for our database is free of charge and it is permanent up until you decide to leave on your own account (no explanations necessary).

The application period runs quarterly; in February, May, August and November.

The application periods are open for one month at a time. Evaluation of the applications and the final decisions are made by the G.A.P board and also take about one month.

The individuals selected to join our database will be notified by email after their application is accepted and their profile added to the database. New members will be then announced publicly and their profiles featured individually on our social media channels, day-by-day.

Any questions?

For more information please contact a project manager Alex Kollerová at alex.kollerova(at)




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