Our newsletter comes out once a month and it is the most comprehensive electronic report specifically produced for our community; friends, colleagues and other supporters who are interested in learning about what is currently going on in the arts and culture field in Finland.

The themes of our newsletter are inclusion in the Finnish arts and culture scene, equality and equal opportunities for foreign-born professionals in the Finnish arts and culture scene, equity and fair treatment of professionals in the field of arts and culture with diverse backgrounds in Finland, democracy within the cultural-political decision making and development processes in Finland, transparency within the public discourse in the arts and culture sector in Finland and overall diversity within the field of arts and culture in Finland.


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The core mission of Globe Art Point is advocating cultural equity, diversity and inclusion in the arts and cultural sector in Finland. G.A.P also serves as an information centre and meeting point for artists, cultural workers and arts & cultural institutions in Finland.

Our focus is on Finland-based professional artists, cultural workers and cultural entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds being acknowledged and their untapped potential fully utilised. G.A.P, together with our stakeholders and collaborators, is dedicated to improving the existing structures and building a society free from cultural discrimination or any other form of oppression. Our goal is to create constructive and action-driven dialogues with the entire society, from local grassroots to the national level.