‘WAROOT’: A Window Exhibition at Globe Art Point by Kemê 5.1.-26.1. 2023

‘WAROOT’: A Window Exhibition at Globe Art Point by Kemê 5.1.-26.1. 2023

‘WAROOT’: A Window Exhibition at Globe Art Point by Kemê 5.1.-26.1. 2023


“2020 Starts, and my first child is born, short after there is a general lock down, medium and high classes are able to work from home. Life happens in a screen. It is the golden age of streaming, from entertainment to seminars, lectures or discussions. I lost track of how many courses, meetings, conferences or workshops was I part of. Climate change, ableism, ageism, racism, sustainability, norm-criticality, indigenous rights, dreams, hopes, fears, we were trying to learn and fight with our pyjama pants on (or underwear).

A sentence was bouncing back and forth in my head, It became the ending of each online discussion: “We are running out of time.”

This is so interesting people, unfortunately “we are running out of time”. .. … (meeting ended)
Maybe is just my sense of humour but “Indeed we are”, my mind started replying.

That was the seed.”

*WAROOT is a traveling piece to be hosted on the walls and windows of those organisations participating/hosting videoconferences around systemic change.

On 25th January from 4:30 to 6:30 pm we celebrate art and togetherness. As we enjoy the last lights of “WAROOT” by Kemê, we will have an open discussion led by the artist focused on “Our online time together”.

What are the effects that virtual events (such as conferences, seminars, workshops, festivals, talks) have on us?

Have we integrated the online format to our lives and practices or the other way around?

How do these make us feel?

What would you change or share about it?

Come to enjoy the warmth of a cup of tea/coffee and our company in the same room!

(kemê/she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist, poet and DEIB* specialist/educator based in Finland. Her artistic practice is currently focused on a crossroad project between identity, art, community, intersectional feminism and the quality of tales and myths as an open-source. Kemê is also a proud cat, humans & plants mama. “And ultimately and relentless learner”.

Website: www.onehatmanyheads.com
Keme (at) gmx.es

The office is located in Malminkatu 5, Kamppi, Helsinki. Our facilities are accessible on the street level, assistant dogs are welcome, and there is no accessible toilet in the office space.


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