When: 5.1. 2023
Where: Galleria Albert IX, Albertinkatu 9, 00150 Helsinki
Time: 16:00-19:30 
Aim: G.A.P Goes Galleries is a concept connecting creatives & art spaces & art and culture organisations

What better way to start the new year than with a new series of G.A.P Goes Galleries! The gallery networking gatherings are back with new and exciting content in 2023! To kick-start the event season, Globe Art Point is visiting the gallery Albert IX in Punavuori, Helsinki.

The session is hosted by our member Black Box Genesis, Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain from Vaasa who are exhibiting in the gallery space between 5-14.1. 2023. In the first hour, we will hear a short presentation about the company Black Box Genesis; who they are, what they do and what are their plans for 2023. We are also getting a private tour of the exhibition ‘Dripping Cavities’. The second part of the visit is dedicated to networking.

16:00 – 17:00 Presentation of Black Box Genesis & exhibition tour
17:30 – 19:30 Vernissage
– Opening speech by curator Anni Fahler
– Piano performance by Svante Sjöholm

G.A.P Goes Galleries is a concept connecting foreign-born and local creatives with art spaces and art associations based in the metropolitan area and beyond. The idea is to meet in an unusual setting and present G.A.P’s members and actors from the Finnish arts and culture scene to our community and allow them to network.

This is a free, low-threshold event organised by Globe Art Point for all foreign-born and Finnish artists or cultural workers who would like to network and meet like-minded people. The language of the event is English. No registration is required, welcome!


by Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain
Curated by Anni Fahler


Dripping Cavities. Title that heralds in a whispered but vibrant vision the two artworks presented, evoking connections among their peculiarities. A pragmatic research, outlined by traces and testimonies, contrasts with a more abstract analysis, driven by feelings… an exploratory state corresponds to a wandering motion.

However, in the profiling of this individual narrative, elements of a common stage also emerge.

The two projects were inspired, finding expression and concreteness, by the territories and spaces of Ostrobothnia, in 2021. The two works, echoing each other and finding resonance in their duality, open a dialogue that founds its voice in the areas where they were implemented. The geographical aspect and the exploratory/experimental character that will be the focus of the art exhibition are therefore decisive.

All this is accentuated by the figure of the two artists who, through a plurality of mediums and techniques, offer a varied scenario of content and form. Encouraging dialogue and confrontation on the awareness of the other and ourselves, finding expression in the environment and its nuances; bringing out the territory through perceptions, colours, shapes, patterns that, by concretizing the almost/now invisible, refresh the viewer’s gaze with renewed curiosity.

The art projects and the ‘Dripping Cavities’ exhibition project are kindly supported by Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet & Svenska Kulturfonden. Partners: Globe Art Point ry & Artist Residency Swap.

Read more about the exhibition: www.blackboxgenesis.com.

Black Box Genesis is an art initiative that encompasses the experience in fine arts and artistic/cultural activities of Valentina Gelain and Bekim Hasaj. Established in 2018, in Vaasa / Finland as an art studio and art space, we have collaborated with various organizations, art foundations, artists, associations, organizing and creating events, exhibitions, and public art works. Now, projected towards the latter and online, pop-up exhibitions, Black Box Genesis consolidates the form of a platform for the presentation and training of the two founders and other collaborators, also in relation to the future.

The FB event: fb.me/e/2S8n2e3T9   //   @blackboxgenesis   //  www.blackboxgenesis.com


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