Contract and reimbursement practices relating to the organization of art exhibitions; Working Group Final Report

Contract and reimbursement practices relating to the organization of art exhibitions; Working Group Final Report

Abstract in English:

The Ministry of Education and Culture set up a committee to investigate the agreement and remuneration practices relating to organising art exhibitions.

The purpose of the committee was to investigate the current agreement and remuneration practices between artists and the organisers of exhibitions, as well as the division of the cost of the exhibitions between the parties; to draft alternative ways to develop those practices; and to assess the effects of the alternative development methods. In its work, the committee concentrated on analysing the art exhibitions which are organised in museums or art galleries, or which are otherwise supported through state funding.

The committee interviewed experts from the field and had access to reports written by actors in the field of art. The committee also investigated Nordic practices, their direction of development and effects. The committee investigated the financial preconditions of organising exhibitions, as they seem to have a profound effect on the quality and quantity of the remunerations that are distributed.

The report indicated that good agreement and remuneration practices already exist in Finland, when it comes to the National Gallery and other major exhibition organisers. The report presents these practices and attempts to make them more widely known. The development proposals drawn up by the committee have to do with the agreement and remuneration practices of museums, state grants given to societies and other organisations, state grants given to artists, the support given to intermediaries and gallery activity, increasing the sales of art and communication about this, and the increased conspicuousness of artists.

When writing the development proposals, the committee made an effort to take into account the challenging situation faced by the public economy. The development proposals were accompanied by an analysis of their effects. In addition to its work, the committee also drafted recommendations on the issues which the parties, i.e. the exhibition organisers, artists and the copyright owners of the works, should agree upon when organising exhibitions and participating in them.

The recommendations are attached. The attachments also include an article on the income formation of artists in the field of visual art.

For further information, please contact the secretary of the working group:
– Petra Havu (Ministry of Cultural Affairs), tel. 0295 3 30185
– Senior Secretary of State Rami Sampalahti (OKM), tel. 0295 3 30190

Read it HERE in Finnish

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