4.12.2017 – Art and Culture Trade Union TAKU, Informative session

4.12.2017 – Art and Culture Trade Union TAKU, Informative session

Guarding the benefits and creating new networks

Professional unions in Finland have a strong and vivid history. TAKU ry, formed in 1975, is a professional organization for those working and studying in the fields of art and culture. TAKU is an expert organization in the special questions of working life affecting its field.

Art and Culture Professionals’ Trade Union TAKU

  • strives to obtain a just level of salaries for its members and improve their chances of finding employment
  • also, strengthens the position of the experts and professionals via Akava Special Branches and Akava
  • works as an expert on the specific questions of the working life and as a bridge builder between members and experts of the fields.How professional unions and TAKU can benefit and help international art and culture experts in Finland? What kind of new bridges can we build between them and Finnish working life?

Join the discussion on 4th December at 16h! tAKU, a specialist from TAKU will visit Globe Art Point. She will present the basics of how TAKU functions and support their members in the different phases of life and what kind of security they offer for students, those in working life and unemployed members.

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Vilja Byström is Master of Music (in Arts Management) from Sibelius Academy and Bachelor of Culture and Arts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Her recent interests lay on intercultural communication and cultural exchange especially in the field of visual arts and music. Currently, she is exploring the possibilities to create a new ground for continuous co-operation between Finland and Russia in the field of arts.

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