6.10.2017 – TAIKE’s Informative Session

6.10.2017 – TAIKE’s Informative Session

Would you like to know more about Taike – arts promotion centre?

Their grants, the selection process and the forms. All this and more will be the topics we will go through with Taike’s experts.

Lea Halttunen: Taike’s expert on Architecture, Design, Multiculturalism, Cultural Activities, Disability and Accessibility in Culture.

Laura Köönikkä: Curator, Taike’s national council for visual Arts 2017–18.

Ville Sandqvist: Actor, theatre director and screenwriter. Taike’s commission for performing arts.

Experts: Lea Halttunen, Laura Köönikkä, Ville Sandqvist.

Place: Globe Art Point, Helsinki. Malminkatu 5 (Kamppi)

Length: 6th October, 4-6 p. m.

Language: English

Registration deadline: 1st October

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