Strategy for Cultural Policy 2025 – Ministry of Education and Culture

Strategy for Cultural Policy 2025 – Ministry of Education and Culture


The Strategy for Cultural Policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture describes the government duties in cultural policy, evaluates the current state of arts and culture and changes in the field as well as sets strategic targets for the strategy period. Key changes in the field of arts and culture are related to the following issues: social development will be uncertain, the state of public finances will continue to be difficult, demographic changes will diversify consumption habits, service expectations and service needs in arts and culture, digitalisation will create new development opportunities in the creative sectors, developments in media and culture will be interconnected, and globalisation will increase competition in the markets for arts and cultural products. The target areas for cultural policy and related strategic objectives by 2025 are: Creative work and production: The conditions for artistic and other creative work will be better, and there will be more diverse ways to produce and distribute creative works. Inclusion and participation in arts and culture: Inclusion in arts and culture will be increased and differences between population groups in terms of participation will be smaller. Cultural basis and continuity: The cultural basis will be strong and vital. The strategy also describes different dimensions of cultural policy impacts as well as central development measures in the coming years.

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ISBN 978-952-263-470-2
ISBN 978-952-263-471-9 (PDF) ISSN 1799-0343
ISSN 1799-0351 (PDF)

Publications of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland 2017:22


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