25.5. – 15.6. 2023postponed!
New date: 14.9.- 5.10. 2023


Spartak Khachanov is exhibiting in the window of Globe Art Point between 14.9. and 5.10. 2023. We will display 6 ghost portraits and 3 group photos of ghosts from his new photo project Title.

The Title project is a series of old photographs from the Second World War period, as well as major political figures from that era, taken from Google. This is an echo of history, which reflects the ghosts of the past and present. It’s layering stories on top of each other, like editing shots in a movie.

Spartak Khachanov is a multimedia artist from Ukraine who produces visually, politically and emotionally charged works in a variety of materials and genres. In his creative practice, Khachanov is interested in issues of political instability, war, emigration and nationalism, works in various media, including sculpture, installation, painting, graphics, photography, video, animation and sound.

Contact Information
YouTube: @spartakkhachanov1478
FB: @SpartakKhachanov
IG: @spartak_khachanov

GAP WINDOW is a window exhibition project initiated by Globe Art Point in 2021. The concept was created for the members of GAP Creatives Database with an aim to provide a unique opportunity to exhibit and/or experiment with their own artistic work and ideas. The project does not follow any specific theme and it can be done in various forms, from painting directly on the windows through displaying poetry, paintings, photographs, illustrations to streaming media and digital art.