Diversity Agents Clinic

Diversity Agents Clinic

Thursday, 21.4. 22

Presentation 16:00 – 16:30 (onsite)
Consultation Sessions by Appointment 16:30-17:30 (online & onsite)

Diversity Agents address a range of challenging and crucial issues such as structural racism, lack of equality and accessibility. As change makers and organisers, Diversity Agents offer techniques to reflect, to develop tools, and to implement ways we can work towards a more equitable society. In this interactive presentation, Diversity Agents will be on location to directly work with arts & culture organisations to support the implementation of anti-racist practices into their work place.

This presentation will be split into two parts. The first half an hour will be an introduction to Diversity Agents and what their work entails. The remaining hour will be devoted to 25 minute consultation sessions. In this consultation, a pair of Diversity Agents will walk you through an intake questionnaire for a Diversity Training. The questionnaire will act as a catalyst for one to reflect, learn, and listen to what they need to make their art and cultural activities more diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible.

Diversity Agent Working Pairs

  1. Arlene Tucker & Kemê Pellicer 
  2. Laura Gazzotti & Ilaria Tucci 
  3. Jaana Denisova & Svenja Fassbender 
  4. Anastasia ArtemevaTal Riva Theodorou 
  5. Adriana Galbiatti Minhoto & Olesia Kova
  6. Paula Folqués & Tatiana Solovieva
  7. Sadi Shokoohi & Irina Duskova

For more information about Diversity Agents, please visit www.kulttuuriakaikille.fi/diversity_agents or contact Arlene Tucker, Diversity Educator at +358 406341938.




GAP ART SUMMIT 2022 is the first in a series of art conferences organised by Globe Art Point in collaboration with the association’s partners and stakeholders. This year’s summit has been organised together with Luckan Helsingfors and supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and The Culture, Leisure Division of The City of Helsinki.