Abnormal Level of Busyness by Evgeniia 11.2.- 4.3. 2022

Abnormal Level of Busyness by Evgeniia
11.2.- 4.3. 2022


This small exhibition is about us and our daily routes. People are in constant motion. We try to reach somebody, to meet somewhere and just commute to work on time in a rush hour. Why were people in such a hurry? Endlessly go back and forth? Back and forth …

Eventually, this busy traffic was stopped for a bit during the pandemic giving us more time for our families; to focus on inner peace and slow down the pace of unnecessary busyness. This slowness provides a more humane pace than we have ever had. Of course, it can be slightly different for everyone, and it is good for discussion. What do you think? 

Does a reduction in busyness create the space for meaningful change in our lives? Or was our stress level fine, and we cannot wait to get back to it?

The artworks on display are presented in the frottage technique. The medium is oil pastel on rice paper.

ARTWORKS: 70×53 cm, Oil pastel, Rice paper


My artistic path started in 2014 when I focused on contemporary art and began to express my feelings and emotions on canvas. It did not happen at once; it was a long way of understanding and searching myself in art.

When I moved to one of the Nordic countries (to Finland), I got new inspiration. Simplicity and balance, power of nature, darkness and silence are what inspire me. By abstract artworks, I want the viewer to only trust their emotions and feelings.

Email: Evgeniia.paintings@gmail.com
Instagram: @evgeniia_paintings
Webpage: evgeniiapaintings.com