Butterfly Garden: Window Exhibition by Vivita Kaupere

11.3.- 1.4. 2022

Butterflies are visual identity of my micromacrame art brand ViviKnots. In my artistic practice as jewellery designer I am putting together bold colours and working knot by knot to create perfect lines that are shaping the patterns of my art pieces. ViviKnots designs are inspired by the nature around me and seasonal changes.

The unique pieces for Butterfly garden project are bringing together new shapes and old favourite pieces. Work on my own art project allowed me to bring back in light ViviKnots  jewellery pieces that have been laying around in my treasure boxes.

As an jewellery designer I am thinking about contemporary approaches and how to implement them in my own specific practice, yet not to lose the backbone of my brand and high quality pieces. This project lead me to sustainability and upcycling within my own workspace, in order to pay attention to micromacrame pieces I have already created and materials I have collected. I introduce you Butterfly garden as starting point for the development of this abstraction.

This is the place where old pieces of flowers and butterflies meet new lines of leaves to shape up our world in unique designs.


For my micromacrame art I am using high quality waxed polyester threads (1mm). These threads are the best to ensure durability and longevity for ViviKnots pieces. For little details I like to add glass beads, gemstones, and metal components.

The art pieces for Butterfly Garden are made in micromacrame technique (knotting technique) with waxed polyester threads. In this exhibition old pieces of ViviKnots jewellery are meeting new ones as a second chance to be back in spotlight. These pieces are created on metal rings and are enriched by glass and crystal beads, and Cat’s Eye gemstones. All these small components are upcycled from my own material collections. The Butterfly Garden’s art pieces are a strong statement for ViviKnots micromacrame items as wearable artworks and their transformations. The art pieces visually depicts my ongoing artistic  attēlots towards sustainability and upcycling of materials and items themself.


The interest in cultures and arts has interwoven with the passion of crafting and working with others. This interplay has guided me to my artistic and creative practices. At the heart of the concept for ViviCreates is my artistic and creative intention to explore creativity through process-focused & arts-based activities. Ways to stimulate our creativity and imagination are important aspects of my practice. Also, I have my own brand ViviKnots that symbolizes unique & colourful handmade micromacrame jewelry, accessories, and decors. At the core of the brand is the idea of visual self-expression, a way to visually tell the story of one’s character, identity, beliefs, and uniqueness.

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