‘Ladies And Masks’: A Window Exhibition by Uko Williams

‘Ladies And Masks’: A Window Exhibition by Uko Williams

‘Ladies And Masks’: A Window Exhibition At Globe Art Point
By Uko Williams┃ 2.2. – 23.2. 2023


Uko Williams is a visual artist from Nigeria based in Espoo. He will exhibit samples of his colorful art in Globe Art Point’s window between 2.2. – 23.2. 2023.

During the time he has lived in Finland he has had exhibitions in Kärsämäki, Alajärvi, Ylitornio, Karjaa and Helsinki.

Before moving to Finland in 2019 he had co-operation with several galleries in Western Africa, f.ex. in Benin, Togo, Senegal etc.

About his art:

“I was born with the need to draw. I understood that the talent was given to me in birth, and I must not throw it away! In the age of 20 I was noticed as an artist in my hometown and later I found myself working as a full time artist co-operating with several galleries in Western African.

My favorite way to paint is acrylic on canvas. All the paintings in this exhibition are done with that technique. I like to use bright colours, which communicate with my subject. Usually, I use brushes. Some of the paintings get the final touch with a palette knife. I love to develop this style of “bubbles”, which you can also see in this exhibition.”

The Ladies and Masks exhibition displays two different series: “Ladies” and “Masks”.

The series Ladies expresses the artist’s feelings and appreciation of women as independent individuals. The series Masks shows samples of how Uko likes to combine the African tradition with his own way to display different moods and personalities. The Exhibition consists of six fascinating works, welcome!

Uko Williams
tel 044 273 2033 (Pirjo Havia), after 8 pm 040 679 5611 (Uko Williams)

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