G.A.P Goes Galleries with Helsinki Urban Art

G.A.P Goes Galleries with Helsinki Urban Art

When: 15.6. 22
Where: Pasila Urban Art Centre, Opastinsilta 6, 00520 Helsinki
Time: 16:00-19:00
Aim: G.A.P Goes Galleries is a concept connecting creatives & art spaces & art and culture organisations.

The fourth episode of G.A.P Goes Galleries is taking place on the 15th of June, 2022. The host for this session is the Helsinki Urban Art association based in Pasila.  

The meeting point for the session is the lobby of Sokos Hotel Tripla, Pasila. Why? During the first hour of the event, G.A.P will be given a privately guided street art tour of Eastern Pasila, one of the most graffiti and mural saturated districts of Helsinki. 

In the second part of the event, we will visit Pasila Urban Art Centre, a place dedicated to urban art. At the center we will check out the current urban art exhibition and get a chance to explore urban art themed literature and for those interested also shop a wide selection of prints, jewelery, t-shirts, cards, zines and even paints for mural and graffiti painting. 

During the visit of the centre, we will hear about opportunities the association provides for collaborations. We will learn about their exhibition and event processes and about other locations coordinated by Helsinki Urban Art. 

The event will be concluded by an exhibition opening of Melissa Sammalvaara,
Leena Tuomanen, Elsa Häkkinen and Lakriima Machreich, welcome!


16:00 Meeting in the lobby of Sokos Hotel Tripla
16:00-17:15 Street Art Tour 
17:15-17:45 Presentation of the Urban Art Centre
18:00-19:00 Exhibition Opening, mingle and networking

G.A.P Goes Galleries is a concept connecting foreign-born and local creatives with art spaces and art associations based in the metropolitan area and beyond. The idea is to meet in an unusual setting and present G.A.P’s members and actors from the Finnish arts and culture scene to our community and allow them to network.

This is a free, low-threshold event organised by Globe Art Point for all foreign-born and Finnish artists or cultural workers who would like to network and meet like-minded people. The language of the event is English. No registration required, welcome!

HELSINKI URBAN ART is an association specializing in urban art and culture. We introduce art and culture into people’s everyday lives, seek new ways to use urban spaces and find solutions to societal problems with art and participatory culture. We promote open and accessible urban culture and create comfortable and enjoyable urban spaces. 

We create art that can enliven urban environments in Helsinki, as well as in other cities in Finland and abroad. We introduce new ways of using urban space, create participatory urban culture and solve societal problems by means of art and activism. We collaborate with top local and international street artists.

Helsinki Urban Art was created on the basis of the More Street Art in Helsinki -project that created several street art pieces in to 2016 enliven the urban environment. Helsinki Urban Art expands this activity and brings even more street art and versatile forms of art into the urban space. We work all around Helsinki, as well as in other cities in Finland and abroad. Our headquarters is located in East Pasila district, where we have carried out many street art projects. In 2019 we opened Pasila Urban Art Center in the district.

Helsinki Urban Art is founded by a diverse group of urban art professionals. We collaborate with people working in the field of urban art both in Finland and abroad. If you are interested in collaborating with us or joining the organisation, drop us a message at info@helsinkiurbanart.com.


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