Project M, a shared solos project, proposes experimental encounters between two migratory bodies, through the negotiation of parameters and mechanisms that produce, what we refer to as, “anchor-less belonging”. This is an interdependent environment for the contaminated creative processes of two immigrant artists, as we accompany, refract and care for each other as a method and practice.

Each evening consists of an individual demonstration and an audience discussion about the work and process.

Thursday 16th of December, 2021 Lindon Shimizu’s Unpacking.

Duration is approximately 30 minutes.

Friday 17th of December, 2021 Dasha Lavrennikov’s From Frost and Flame.
Duration is approximately 25 minutes.

“Through research, re-creation and recycling of the material we construct and deconstruct meaning and presence together, by exploring the transversal relationship between feedback, creation and curation.

We use somatic, movement and new media practices as tools for activating collective encounters and incorporating a multidimensional sense of subjectivity. Our research is interested in decolonising anthropocentric perspectives, proposing alternative ways of being together and reimagining possibilities of socio-environmental interlocations.”

This Z-lab is part of the first GAP LAB collaboration between Zodiak and Globe Art Point. The residency was originally going to take place in the autumn of 2020.

, a japanese brazilian born in Porto Alegre, Brazil and raised in Japan, currently based in Joensuu, Finland. He works as a dance artist in theatre, dance and video field and as somatic movement educator. He holds a theatre license degree from UERGS, Brazil. He has worked for many years with the Brazilian dance director Dani Lima, being part of research projects with dance pieces as “100 gesture” and “little collection of everything” presented around Brazil and Japan between 2011 to 2016. He has presented his solo demo “unpacking” as part of Z-Lab in Zodiak on December 2021 and most recently, his solo dance piece “BIRONGITAI”, created in collaboration with ITAK, has been integrated into the 2022 Ice Hot Helsinki platform. He is interested in the dialogue of an ethical-aesthetical-political-body as a strategy of being and creating, playing between liquids and membrane, contents and container, creating in between. He is interested in what he refers to as a “migratory body”, a perspective of creating from the place of an immigrant artist.

Watch Lindon’s demo of ‘Unpackin’ on Vimeo.

IG: @lindon.shimizu
FB: @shimizulindon

DASHA LAVRENNIKOV, artist, choreographer, performer, curator and teacher was born in Moscow (1985) and began her dance education and exploration in the USA. She holds a BA in contemporary dance (USA), a Masters in Performing arts (Denmark/France), and recently received her PhD in Aesthetics, Communication and Culture (RJ, Brazil), followed by a research fellowship in Moscow. She has been creating, performing, and lecturing transcontinentally between Europe, Russia, South and North America. Working between a variety of museum, gallery, site specific and theater spaces, she likewise collaborates as artist and international curator with the Institute MESA, an experimental curatorial, research and artistic platform in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

IG: @dasha.lavrennikov
FB: @dasha.lavrennikov

ZODIAK is a production, performance and event venue for contemporary dance in Helsinki, Finland.


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