General Taxation Info Workshops with Riikka Kuoppala, 18 & 25.3. 22

General Taxation Info Workshops with Riikka Kuoppala, 18 & 25.3. 22



REGISTRATION 2.3. – 16.3. 2022

There are TWO IDENTICAL taxation workshops happening this March. In these workshops, we will look into the practicalities of filing taxes for artists. The group is facilitated by Riikka Kuoppala and the meetings take place on 18th and 25th of March at Globe Art Point. Online participation is possible upon request.

Examples of topics covered:

– Differences in taxation for different kinds of artist income.

– How to file different kinds of grants.

– Deductions for an artist: studio rent, work trips, materials, technical equipment, etc.

– What if my deductions are bigger than my taxable income?

– International income.

– Correcting mistakes in the final decision.

Please select your preferred date and register. Both registration forms will limit the number of registrants to 15 and will run on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the spots are filled, the forms will automatically close down so we recommend everyone to respond as soon as possible. Participants are encouraged to send their questions upon registration.

DATE: 18.3. & 25.3. 2022
TIME: 14:00-16:00
PLACE: Globe Art Point, Malminkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki
REGISTRATION: 2.3. – 16.3. 2022 or until fully booked (contact us for availability)




I’m a Bachelor of Laws and a visual artist. I worked as an artist for ten years, and now I’m working on my Master studies in the Faculty of Law in the University of Helsinki. I decided to study law because I wanted to learn something concrete that could benefit the people around me. Human rights and environmental issues are the closest to my heart.

Vegan & Legal


Vegan & Legal is an effort to make legal services more accessible and available for everyone. Behind the project is Riikka Kuoppala, a Bachelor of Laws and a visual artist.

Vegan & Legal works with artists, activists, associations, immigrants, other minorities, LGBTQI folk – offering consultations, contracts, help with writing official documents. Vegan & Legal has fair pricing and payment is negotiable. Service in Finnish, English and French. Get in touch and let’s see what Vegan & Legal can do for you!

Robin Hood taxation for the precariat

“Taxes are important. I pay my taxes happily and urge you to do the same. However, there are some groups in the society, especially among the self-employed, who statistically earn very little. They also often end up paying too much taxes, because their taxation is a lot more complicated than those working in steady jobs. I can help you with your tax return and teach you good practices and principles for personal accounting, so that next year you’ll be able to do it yourself.” Riikka Kuoppala

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