GAP Creatives Database Networking Session

GAP Creatives Database Networking Session

Welcome to the first networking meeting organised exclusively for members of our Creatives Database 


When we ask our members what it is that our artists and creatives need the most (besides employment), what can we do for them and how can we help them in precarious situations, the answer comes back almost every time very loud and clear; “community”!

And that’s exactly what we are trying to achieve these days. We have started developing our database, tick. We have been continuously gaining members, tick. We started running programmes only for our members, tick. BUT what next? 

Being a member of an artists or creatives database is nice but what benefits does it actually bring to those who make their efforts to join them? Wouldn’t it be nice if every new member of a database could just land a project to work on or to find new collaborations through their community? Yes, this storyline does sound like a cheap excerpt from a “romantic” movie but what if this scenario could actually work? What if the simple gesture of meeting someone new, could open new doors and new possibilities for you? What if it could bring new prospects enriching Finnish arts and culture fields and in general what if that could mean new exciting initiatives that all of us could join? 

This is our chance to find out whether romantic ideology does come true! Come and join our first networking session for members of our Creatives Database and meet like minded people, talk about something unusual and start new initiatives! 

This all can be done either by visiting our office in Kamppi or simply from the comfort of your home, the choice is yours! 

Programme: During the 2-hours-long informal session, you will have the time to meet other like minded individuals, we will talk about our Creatives Database, what changes have been done to it and what other benefits than networking does it offer to our members. Bring your creativity along, your unfinished proposals for projects and ideas that will blow our minds off! 

Time: 22.9. between 17:00 – 19:00

Place: Malminkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki // Zoom

Registration: If this networking event sounds interesting to you, please register using the following form:


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