G.A.P’s Migri Legal Clinic

G.A.P’s Migri Legal Clinic

Welcome to join G.A.P’s Migri Legal Clinic!

In recent years, we have witnessed an increment on the cases of foreign-born artists and cultural workers struggling with the Finnish Immigration Service in order to obtain a suitable residence permit and remain in Finland. Despite being active members of the society (some of them with long and culturally valuable careers in Finland and abroad, and with stable sources of income) many of those applicants have been rejected by Migri, leaving them with with no other option than appeal to those resolutions or leave the country.

Renewing visas and permits demands a lot of money and costs emotional and mental energy, leaving very little space for the applicants to find case-specific legal counselling and where to seek for the right attorneys, apply for legal aid, or get basic procedural information.
The purpose of this session is to help the attendees to clarify some legal inquiries, have a space for sharing information, and offer advice on legal action planning regarding negative decisions of residence permit applications.

The clinic will be led by Hanna Laari – a leading lawyer at Pakolaisneuvonta ry / Refugee Advice Centre, Sanna Valtonen – communications expert at Refugees Welcome Finland, and G.A.P’s board member Daniel Malpica. The event will will take place online on Tuesday 26th of May from 10am to 12pm.

The language of this event is English.

If you have any specific legal inquiries that you would like to be addressed by our expert in the session, please send them to us with this registration form. We aim to answer all questions and inquiries in the time limit given and anonymously.

Please register using this form by Friday 22nd May at 2pm. You’ll receive a link to join the on the morning of the event.

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