Open Call, new experts!

Open Call, new experts!

For our 2019 program, we are looking for experts to lead Support groups in different areas, such as making grant Applications (different fields), portfolio creation, taxation, etc.
How works the support, group?
It is not a masterclass, neither another workshop.
It is a series of meetings (to be defined) where to explore the topic in a practical way, by doing it.
The accepted attendants must commit in attending all the predefined sessions and with safer space guidelines. As part of the group, they are not just to learn, but to give review and support to each other. There is also an Fb closed group were to continue sharing, talking, which is active from the beginning of the meeting to the end.
What does the expert do?
They are in charge of leading the group (Physical meetings and Facebook closed group), helping to create community and helping the members with their knowledge on the area.
The overall structure and content, as the way of accepting participants, is agreed in advance with Globe Art Point.

If you think you have expertise and willingness to lead a support group, please, fill this form before 5th December.
We will meet with those selected before the winter break.

The exact payment will be agreed depending on the duration and structure for each group. Globe Art Point general payment policy is based on AKAVA’ salary/fees recommendations

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