Unemployment benefits after artistic work has ended

Unemployment benefits after artistic work has ended



An artist who has been employed full-time in his or her own work is considered to be employed in such work until it is obvious, from an account provided by the job-seeker or otherwise, that the artistic operations are no longer ongoing.

The ceasing of employment in one’s own work is ascertained primarily on the basis of the notification submitted by the job-seeker. If necessary, the applicant may be requested to provide reliable clarification. For example, delivering a commissioned work to a client or the end of a grant period can constitute the content of such clarification.

If other requirements are fulfilled, the artistic work can be considered to have ended even if the artist remains registered for VAT liability, in the prepayment register, or in the trade register.

The job-seeker has a duty to notify of any changes in the conditions affecting his or her eligibility for benefits, such as resuming artistic work.

If artistic activities conducted as full-time work have ceased, the work can be either full- or parttime if started again.

An artist has the right to maintain his or her professional skills while unemployed. Employment in one’s own work is not considered to be ongoing if the job-seeker only maintains his or her professional skills and thereby affects his or her opportunities for later becoming employed. There are also separate instructions on activities considered to constitute maintenance of one’s professional skills, please see section Maintaining an artist’s professional skills during unemployment.

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