Pension plans for artists

Pension plans for artists



An artist’s pension security can be composed of national pension, guaranteed pension, earnings-related pension, and supplementary state artist pension amounts.

National Pension. In 2017, the full national pension is EUR 628.85 per month if the person has not accrued any earnings-related pension. If you are married or live in a domestic partnership or a registered partnership, your full national pension is EUR 557.79 per month. The national pension of a person retiring with a small income or an entrepreneur is reduced as the earnings-related pension grows. If a person’s earnings-related pension exceeds EUR 1,200 per month, the national pension is no longer granted; instead, the pensioner receives only the earnings-related pension.

Guarantee pension. The guaranteed pension, first granted in 2011, is a minimum pension. The full guarantee pension is EUR 760.26 per month (as of 2017). Guarantee pension is granted to those who have no other pensions.

Earnings-related pension. A person accrues earnings-related pension from work carried out during an employment relationship, from any self-employed person’s pension payments made by the artist, and (as has been the case since the beginning of 2009) also from almost all working grants.

The artist’s pensions can be administrated in accordance with the Employees Pensions Act (TyEL); the Self-employed Persons’ Pension Act (YEL); and, with regard to grants, the Farmer’s Pensions Act (MYEL).

Supplementary state artist pension. On separate application, an artist can be granted a supplementary state artist pension. This supplementary state artist pension may be granted for exceptional pursuits in art to a visual creative artist or performing artist who lives or has lived permanently in Finland.

KELA – pensions
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