What makes up the artist’s pension?

What makes up the artist’s pension?

Pensions paid by Kela

Earnings-related pension

The national pension is EUR 628.85/month if the person has not accumulated any earnings-related pension.
The national pension for a person who is married or in a common-law relationship
is EUR 557.79/month.

The ‘guarantee pension’ guarantees that the pension is never less than EUR 760.26/month.

Among other pensions are the surviving spouse’s pension and disability pension.

The earnings-related pension is accrued on the basis of the TYeL, MYEL, and YEL pensions acts.

  1. If all pensions together come to less than EUR 760.26/month

guarantee pension of EUR 760.26/month*

  1. If the total of earnings-related and other pensions is more than EUR 760.26/month* but remains under EUR 1,200/month*

national pension
accrued earnings-related pension

  1. If the earnings-related pension exceeds EUR 1,200/month*

accrued earnings-related pension

  1. By application: a supplementary state artist pension
    Depending on income, the full artist pension is EUR 1,328.69/month**, and a partial pension is half of the full pension.
    The artist pension can be granted for exceptional pursuits in art to an artist who lives/has lived permanently in Finland

artist pension

* in 2017
** in 2016

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