13.10.2017 Discussion: Artist-friendly exhibition space. Is it possible?

13.10.2017 Discussion: Artist-friendly exhibition space. Is it possible?

Image: Minna Henriksson from the book “Art workers – material conditions and labour struggles in contemporary art practice”, you can read it here: www.art-workers.org

13TH October 2017 from 5 to 7 pm.

Place: Globe Art Point.


Artist-friendly exhibition space

Is it possible?


Conducted by Minna Henriksson with guests active in the field either running an art space or engaged in thinking how to divert the system.

In this informal discussion, we will review the situation of the exhibition spaces in Finland focusing the attention on artists’ run spaces.

Is it possible to have a practice that doesn’t turn against artists? What is the role of artists inside the current logic of exhibitions?

We will explore actual platforms, positive and negative practices and we aim at being able to point the way for better practices in the exhibition system.


Minna Henriksson

Huuto Gallery: Antti-Ville Reinikainen

MUU Gallery Anu Miettinen

Sculptor Gallery Anssi Pulkkinen

Third Space: Martina Miño

Asbestos Art Space: Annabel Kajetski and Matias Ekholm

Leena Kuumola: Art Critic

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