The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle in Finland  is a practical handbook for both commissioners and artists interested in art.

The Handbook for Commissioners is a practical handbook for all developers, such as municipal decision-makers, planners, architects and construction companies interested in art. The handbook explains the most common art funding and commissioning models in Finland.

The Handbook for Artists is a practical guide for visual artists who wish to make public art. The handbook takes the reader through the entire process of producing a public work of art, from signing a contract to working during the construction project and drawing up a maintenance manual.

The Percent for Art principle, i.e. the principle that part of the funds budgeted for a construction project are allocated to art, has experienced a resurgence in Finland in the last decade. New models for commissioning public art have also emerged. In this handbook, the Percent for Art principle is understood as something more than a political decision in principle because the different models draw from the same idea: the aim is to create better built environments through high-quality architecture, design and art.

Finnish people value having art as part of their everyday life. According to a survey conducted by the Percent for Art project, a total of 70% of Finns want to see works of art in everyday contexts such as residential areas, schools, daycare centres and workplaces. Public art is an egalitarian form of art; anyone is free to enjoy a work of art located in a park, for example. Easily accessible public art has strong political backing in present-day Finland.

Read the publication in PDF format: The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle in Finland For Commissioners and The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle in Finland For Artists


Publication compiled by

Miisa Pulkkinen (ed.), Artists’ Association of Finland

Hanna Hannus (ed.), Artists’ Association of Finland / The Architecture Information Centre Finland

The Percent for Art project steering group

Graphic design Dog Design

Publisher The Percent for Art project

The project has been supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

ISBN: 978-952-9864-26-3 (PDF, The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle in Finland)