Imagining Futures in the Finnish Arts and Culture Scene

Imagining Futures in the Finnish Arts and Culture Scene

Participatory session facilitated by Tampere Intercultural Art (TIcA)
Friday, 22.4. 22
16:00 – 17:30



Let’s dream about the future together. Do you see utopia happening? Or do you think that our future is doomed? In this session, Tampere Intercultural Art (TIcA) mediates the discussion and together with the audience imagines possible futures in the Finnish arts and culture scene.

The session utilises participatory tools and methods for inviting organisations, institutions and individuals to reflect on their dreams and hopes to speculate on the future of the industry altogether.

The Imagining Futures -session is hosted by TIcA members, Drama Instructor & educator Miia Säppi, and Independent Artist, Learning & Development Coordinator Zeynep Kaynar. Behind the program design are also communications specialist and Diversity Agent Jaana Denisova, and theatre practitioner, artistic producer Juliane Mikkonen.




GAP ART SUMMIT 2022 is the first in a series of art conferences organised by Globe Art Point in collaboration with the association’s partners and stakeholders. This year’s summit has been organised together with Luckan Helsingfors and supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and The Culture, Leisure Division of The City of Helsinki.


Tampere Intercultural Art (TIcA) is a Tampere-based collective formed in 2020. TIcA has been organising events and workshops within the context of inclusive linguistic and cultural practice since 2020. TIcA’s goal is to bring out the work of aspiring international artists and promote intercultural dialogue and diversity through art practices and events such as the panel discussion, “Experiences of Foreign-born Professionals in the Field of Arts and Culture in Pirkanmaa” organised in August 2021 at ARS108 -festival and  “Multilingual poetry evening + open mic” celebrating the linguistic and cultural diversity through live performances and world literature, organised together with TAIKE as part of The Tampere Book Fair in December 2021.

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The Working Group

Zeynep Kaynar (MA, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design) is a multi-disciplinary artist. She is a Tampere Artists’ Association member and her artistic works are part of private and institutional collections in Belgium, Turkey and Finland. Since 2020, Kaynar has been studying at the faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University. Her research interests focus on workplace pedagogy and professional development. Kaynar also volunteers at Tampere Intercultural Art (TIcA) and Tampere Talent Ambassadors Network operated by Tampere City International HUB.

Miia Säppi (MA, Drama Instructor), specialises in art – especially drama – pedagogy. In the 10 years of working in art organisations and the educational and social sector, she has experienced how artistic group work motivates learning and how art practices encourage communication between individuals to foster a sense of belonging. Since 2017 she has been professionally involved with projects in which applied arts help language learning and support the social and emotional processes for newcomers’ settling in Finland (i.e. ESF funded project Kotio 2017-19 and Ahjola’s Kohti työtä project 2020-22). Säppi formed TIcA together with a few other Tampere-based artists and produced the first Tampere Intercultural Art Event in 2020.

Jaana Denisova-Laulajainen is a translator, communications specialist, cultural producer, and Diversity Agent. She has degrees in linguistics and in EU studies and she has also studied cultural management. Jaana has been actively involved in promoting intercultural dialogue, connectivity, cultural equity, and participatory practices, among others through her contribution to the international project «Agents of Change: Mediating Minorities», Tampere Intercultural Art, Reside/Sustain project (part of Connecting Points- exchange program in HIAP), and collaboration with Cultura Foundation and Turku City Theatre.

Juliane Mikkonen (MA, Theatre Studies) is a theatre practitioner and artistic producer who has worked in different arts institutions in Germany and in Finland. She has decennial experience in organising and leading multilingual theatre and cultural events for children and families. She is currently working as a coordinator for the Finnish Arts Tester programme, where the core goal is to offer young people experiences in art and to find them tools to form well-versed opinions on their experience. She has been a member of Tampere Intercultural Art since autumn 2020.