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Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova is a Helsinki-based creative who currently prefers capturing images and DJing as the main forms of self-expression, however, endeavours to become a visual artist in the future taking the first steps on her career path. Being genuinely interested in various forms of art, especially in visual ones and music, such as photography, graphic design, media and video arts, performances and installations, VJing, music production, sound and set design etc., Anna is currently looking for interesting voluntary work or job opportunities in the aforementioned fields as a volunteer / assistant / intern / entry-level employee. Anna finds photography a fascinating way to express herself; it fulfills her aesthetic needs and allows to deeper reflect on past experiences. Through series of images, Anna attempts to create narratives and, also, explores similarities and patterns in our environment - the natural and human-made forms. Lured by light, inspired by combinations of shades of colors and shapes, structures and textures - she strives to share all the tenderness she feels for the world through her photographs. Electronic music culture is another essential source of inspiration for Anna. After years of exploring the music world, attending events and getting familiar with the scene, she started DJing, occasionally playing at gigs and recording mixes herself. Anna believes that what she is not always able to express in her real life being trapped in her own mind like a rose in cage she can always share through her sets. One day she wants to try her hand at music production as well.

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