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Ira Derviz

Born in Leningrad in 1982. Since 2020 lives and work in Finland. Graduated from Sain-Petersbusg Fine Arts Academy in 2007. Artist and curator. Since 2020 art teacher in Repin-instituutti. I don't like to get hung up on one technique or form of expression. What interests me most at the moment is installation as an art form where you can be an artist, sculptor, videographer and architect at the same time. It also allows the viewer to be fully immersed in the artwork. It is important to me that the viewer not only gains an aesthetic pleasure but also reflects and rediscovers the deeper meanings I put into the project. I am most interested in the influence of society, history and current events on human being, as art in most cases does not exist in isolation from the context of time. At the same time the influence of the human being himself on his environment and his inner world is also significant to me. Selected exhibitions: 2021-"Corpus callosum"(Sevcable Port) 2019- "Suspense" 2019 - "Spirits of Kalevala" Juminkeko foundation(Kalevala Museum) Kuhmo , 2009 - "Salmela 2009" Mantyharju. Selected residences: 2022 - Duclay Art Foundation(Montenegro), 2018 and 2008- Salmela (Finland).

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I add my portrait and and last installations form my curatind project and last residents.


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