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Anna Ruth

In her practice as a visual artist, Anna Ruth is intrigued by physical borders and social impasses. She uses sets of strict rules to control her working process. Anna draws with a variety of styles and paints most commonly on walls. She often uses familiar subjects (such as plants, still lifes, daily objects) as a way to subtly bring up more difficult subjects. Anna Ruth (MFA 1998) is an art event organiser who has enriched the Jyväskylä art scene with her projects (in collaboration with Juho Jäppinen): Äkkigalleria (nomadic art gallery since 2009), House Games triennial (2005–2017), Laatikkomo (2013–2019), ti-la2016, 100 Finnish Photographers, 2017 (curated by Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen & Markko Hämäläinen), and Tuokaa Tuoli! (a nomadic cinema in collaboration with Juho Jäppinen, Hans-Peter Schütt and KSEK since 2018). She was the XXV Mänttä Art Festival curator in 2020/21.

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Preparation for interactive drawing performance at the RAW festival at Myymälä2, 2022. photo: Juho Jäppinen


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