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Chen Nadler

My name is Chen Nadler, I’m a dancer, performer and choreographer, currently based in Helsinki, Finland, originally from Israel, Morocco and Romania. In my works, I research and investigate human-nature relationships, the quality of feeling at “home”, as I love to collaborate with artists from diverse art fields. The movement for me is the only thing that keeps on being constant, giving me security and connecting me to myself and this world. As a professional dancer I’ve worked with; Romeo Castellucci, "Inbal Dance Theatre", ,Michal Mualem and Giannalberto De Filips, Mor Shani, Noa Zuk, Barak Marshall, Nadav Zelner, Dafi Altbeb, Roy Assaf and more. As a choreographer my recent dance pieces and video-art works were supported by the ‘Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts’ (IL) and the ‘Ministry of Culture and Sport’(IL). In recent years, I’m also a choreographer in ‘Community Dance Projects’ in Israel and Germany, working with people with disabilities, special needs, teenagers and kids. I was invited to several international residencies and festivals in Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Catalonia, France, Israel, Netherlands and more. I graduated "Maslool bikurey ha'itim" professional program (IL), 'Mate Asher Dance School of Performing Arts' (IL), was recognised by the Israeli army and the Israeli Board of Education as an “excellent dancer” and received a full scholarship at 'Perrydance' (NY) . This year, I will be finishing my bachelors degree in Steiner Education and Special Education in Israel (Oranim College) and Finland (Snellman College).

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