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Palomaa Catalá Parga

Half Valencian and half Galician, she is a versatile flutist with a soul, who has played in different countries: Argentina, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Finland … She finished her academic flute training at ESMUC in Barcelona. Later she wins a position by public competition as Professor of Flute at the Culleredo Conservatory, position she holds to date. She has been a member and co-founder of the Brigantia Trio and Flutello Eventos. She composed the Original Soundtrack for the play “Encuentros”, translated into Finnish, which premiered on November 28, 2020. Nowadays she is implementing Edwin Gordon's Music Theory to 0-6 kids and also in Flute teaching. Applies also Dalcroze Pedagogy.

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Paloma Catalá Parga, Music teacher and artist.


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