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Wooguru Kw

I'm a dancing writer - currently finishing my first book titled, "THE DANCING BODY TO BE FREE FOR ITSELF: the biomechanics of a dancer with acquired disabilities. As suggested by its - pretty long - title, it is all about the body - the biological makeup distinguished from the others by physical characteristics and psychological dispositions - a combination inherent to itself - the one that is disposed to be different - individually. Physical and neurological alterations that came with skull fractures at 20 were the starting point of my dancing for my own body to be responsive, functional, and free. So, my approach to dancing - which has been formed through a decade-long rehabilitation - is nowhere near metaphysical or conceptual. That is, my dancing is just all about functionality and necessity. Fortunately, I could make my dance career out of what was given to me - acquired characteristics. And gratefully, my dance work and educational project have been supported by various organizations and foundations based in Europe, the USA, S.Korea, and Finland - the country to be emphasized, where I live with my love of life, who happens to be a Finn, where I want to be integrated.

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