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Anastasia Artemeva

I am a visual and socially-engaged artist based in Helsinki. My practice is focused on spaces: how we inhabit spaces, how we co-exist in the same space, even when our perceptions and experiences are different, how spaces and their histories affect us and how we affect them. How people survive, live, and make themselves at home in the most challenging and isolated environments. Spaces for antisocial behaviour, such as streets, prisons and schools are particularly precious subjects of this work. In my processes, I am curious about Waldorf toys and building blocks. Recently, I have been exploring surface design, creating textile pieces that reflect our surroundings. I let the environment dictate what I do. I graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design (Ireland) with a BA in 2012, and from Aalto University (Finland) with a Masters degree in 2016. I am a diversity agent in the arts and a support person for parents in the Russian-speaking community of Finland.

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A b/w portrait image of a woman in novelty glasses.



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