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Kamila Śladowska

Kamila Śladowska- (born in 1996 in Warsaw, based in Helsinki) multidisciplinary visual artist, who works with various media such as installation, painting or performance and researches around topics of diversity and culture anthropology. She tries to implement ideas from permaculture into visual arts and efforts to work with recycled materials or using traditional techniques. She has studied during the Erasmus exchange at ESBAMA Montpellier, graduated from the painting faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and as well from the costume design faculty at MSKPU in Warsaw (both in 2020). She has moved to Helsinki and in 2021 did post-graduate Erasmus programme at Myymala2 gallery. She was awarded four times the scholarship of the rector of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2017-2021), a half-year project grant „Agrafka” (2018), twice the schoolarship of the Ministry of Culture of Poland (2017, 2018) and was a laureate of a painting call held by Polish-Armenian foundation (2017). She has participated in many exhibitions in Poland and had a big individual exhibition in the BUW (Library of Warsaw Univeristy)- 2019. In 2021 she participated in an international project "Supermarket Museum" organised by Agro- Perma Lab and in many exhibitions and projects in Helsinki: the exhibition of Pehmea Vandalismi art collective in Luna Gallerie (Helsinki)- March/July; Tatinis Art Market in Bokvillan Galleria- July, her multidisciplinary work „Oasis” was screened during the Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival in August she exhibited her „Altar for Greta Thunberg” in Kammio galleria and in September her site-specific installation „Space for Diversity” was shown during „HIAA Fest” in Bokvillan Galleria. The same year she presented her work at „In Feminis Veritas”, feminist art festival in Berlin, at the „STOND LEEG” Festival in Antwerp organised by Fameus and her painting has been displayed in Malmö during an art fair co-organised by HIAA.

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"Dharma"; 2020; part of the project entitled "Oasis"


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