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Valentina Gelain

Visual artist born in Feltre, in 1992, and currently based in the city of Vaasa. After completing my master's degree at Brera Academy of Fine Arts, in Milan, I moved to Finland and in 2018 I founded Black Box Genesis®. I often work under this name with the artist and partner Bekim Hasaj. ''My strongly evocative art is characterized by a marked self-referential spirit. I’m always careful to plumb my inner self and, from there, that of others, to reproduce it and almost impress it in the artworks. The fundamental theme of my art is the 'Sentimento Panico', that subterranean, almost visceral desire to connect with the natural element, merge with everything that surrounds us. What transpires from my works is a desire for evasion and, at the same time, for reunification (...)''

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Photographic portrait by Bekim Hasaj, in 2019.



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