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Bekim Hasaj

Born in northern Albania in 1990 I started my approach to art at a very young age through drawing and painting courses during my childhood continuing in more conventional art-education in high school of Arts in Tirana (capital city, Albania). In 2010 I moved to Milan, Italy, and started studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera where I graduated with full scores in Visual Arts, Painting (Bachelor). During the years of my studies and beyond I had the possibility to experience a close working relationship with important International artists such as Remo Salvadori (Transavanguardie) and David Tremlett. I feel to mention them in a particular way as they influenced my future art. In 2018 I and my wife moved to Vaasa, Finland, and founded the art-space and studio BlackBoxGenesis. It was an important moment for us as artists to be in the position of curator of different exhibitions and art events with local and international artists and collaborators. From that point, till now I continued my work as an artist and used the space as a platform for personal art projects too. The privileged subject was undoubted 'humans', in all its many and fragmentary facets. Over the years the painting has undergone a slow but incessant process of evolution, traceable in the transition from expressionism to abstractionism. At the moment I am looking for a closer dialogue between art-object and the surrounding environment, between color and concept, in search of a new artistic balance.

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Portrait picture made during the personal exhibition 'Untitled' , 2018



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