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Tanya Tynjälä

Tanya Tynjälä is a science fiction and fantasy writer, specialised in children and young adults. She was born in Peru and has a Master Degree in French as a foreign language. She has published with the Colombian editor NORMA La ciudad de los nictálopes (2003 – 10 editions), Cuentos de la princesa Malva (2008 – 3 editions), Lectora de sueños (2012-More than 40,000 copies sold) and Adalyn (2018). Her books are used as reading material at schools in some Latin American countries as Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia. She has also published the flash fiction book SUM with Editorial Micrópolis (2012) and (Ir)Realidades with Edita el gato Descalzo (2017). Her writings have been included in various international anthologies, magazines and e-zines. Her science fiction story La conspiration (Translated to French by Pierre Jean Brouillaud) has been included in the school book Texto 4ème sec. (Vincent Rousseau and others. Editions Érasme. 2012, Namur – Belgium). She has been partially translated into Finish, French, English, Bulgarian and Hebrew. Her story “El Ritual” has been published as “Rituaali” in the book Suomalaisia Saunanovelleja (2017, Aviador), among other prestigious Finnish authors as Maarit Verronen, Tapani Bagge and Johanna Venho.

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