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Kira O'Reilly

I am an Irish Helsinki based artist; I make, write, teach, mentor and collaborate with humans of various types, situations, materials, technologies and non-humans of numerous divergences. My work has been presented across in visual arts, performance and live art; art and science, dance and academia. My practice, both wilfully interdisciplinary and entirely undisciplined emerges from background in visual art, employing performance, biotechnical practices, sculpture, installation and writing to consider speculative reconfigurations of The Body - expanding ideas of body across multiple spaces, scales, temporalities. These artistic workings originate in the profound materiality and mutability of sculpture meeting radical feminist performance art as it emerged from the confluence of visual arts, experimental performance and body politics in the early ‘90s. An involvement in biological arts with its implicit biopolitics, extended into bodily potentials as they manifest in ecologies, and other than human environments. Currently I am developing installations and sculptures with salt and copper, part of a long term project concerned with transitionary and transformational states of menopause. Like many working within the restrictions of the covid-19 epoch I work in a small urban apartment, finding methods to remain open to the contextual fabric and possibilities of this curious time.

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