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Yemi Butterman

I visualize things in my mind and allow the words to flow to me for expression. I can sing the song of the ancestral sun from my bones. You can even add the stories of ice to this rhythm and already have a setup for new dark humor. I am cut from a part of the world (Yoruba Culture) that channels energy and useful proverbs to reflective perceptions, visualizing a safe space for symbols to dance with metaphors. My academic background is in literature from secondary to master. I am an intuitive artist and storyteller, an art educator and philosophical entertainer, a songwriter, and the author of Two Geniuses and a Fool and A Deal of Silence. My artistry, among other things, explores social experiences from a philosophy and ethics lens, focusing on poverty, shame, fear, suicide, and other forms of socioemotional barriers to expression. I tell a different story of emotion, life, and a unique struggle for human and nature connectedness in a cold world. I enjoy cross-border cultural interaction. This ambivert is passionate about making a sociocultural impact with his works.

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